Croc Braided Bracelets

braid bra 6I have a guess that’s wants to know more about the croc bracelets. There are only 3 different braids here. The top one is the tutorial, the second two are the same, which are my favorite.
The third one is a simple braid from many years ago. These are made using Argentium silver and Rose gold=filled.
I would love to show anything I can to help with these braids. I will be back as soon as I figure out what to do here with pictures. I might even try a video.

Crocheting with Wire

Crochet LaRosa BraceletThe pattern for this bracelet came from Yoola on Etsy if your interested.

I have enjoyed crocheting all my life, with only yarn and thread. So crocheting with wire was difficult for me. So I figured it had to be hard for other people also.

I’ve never seen anything interesting in crocheted jewelry until I seen this bracelet. It was new, I liked it and it was going to be a challenge.
I can’t tell you how many spools of craft wire I went thru before I figured out what not to do.
First: I used my old crochet hooks. Second I used craft wire from a store (cheap). I made several pieces and it was a struggle, I kept buying more wire and still wrestled with every stitch. I finally purchase an all steel metal hook. I found Artist wire is the only wire that will easy except the hook without any problems. Gold-filled, argentium and fine silver wire are still a problem but not as bad. I used a jewelry cloth with renaissance wax to clean the hook often and that helped more than anything else.

Making Jewelry

Hopefully this will be discussions on making handmade jewelry. How I go about making a piece of jewelry, how the idea gets started and what I end up with. You may be surprised.