Croc Braided Bracelets

braid bra 6I have a guess that’s wants to know more about the croc bracelets. There are only 3 different braids here. The top one is the tutorial, the second two are the same, which are my favorite.
The third one is a simple braid from many years ago. These are made using Argentium silver and Rose gold=filled.
I would love to show anything I can to help with these braids. I will be back as soon as I figure out what to do here with pictures. I might even try a video.


  1. hi i finally found someone willing to teach this checkard bracelet can you pls tell me which one of your books i can buy for the instructions thanks so much.

    • Hi fren:
      Not sure which book your talking about. All three books are on the home page of my web site.
      On the right hand side of the web site, You can click on the links to go to for purchase.
      Tutorials are in a link at the top of the home page of my web site. The links will take you
      to my Etsy Store to each of the tutorials. They are the basket weave and the croc braided bracelets.
      Hope this helps and if it doesn’t, please do email me again and will try and hope some more. Sorry
      for the delay in answering you request.
      Linda Chandler

  2. hi thanks for responding anytime is better than no time lol, so i will go and check that out. i did order one of your books it was the wrong one the store ordered eeek! but its ok im still looking for the neckles and bracelet one in ss. i want to try that. thanks for contacting me 😉

  3. hi again i noticed the weave bracelet it said its the first one … well it had a clasp different then most i like that the best ive been getting away from the other stlye ones can you tell me if you used 10g wire with that and if its not a secret where do you recomend to get wire or the pattern pieces as you had on your weave bracelet i love it the best. thanks alot.

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