Making Jewelry

Hopefully this will be discussions on making handmade jewelry. How I go about making a piece of jewelry, how the idea gets started and what I end up with. You may be surprised.


  1. Linda, I used two books while teaching myself wire wrapping..or more accurately you were teaching me.. I would’ve quit without the first book with Ms Richie. I moved toward a mixed media approach but I had to tell you how much I admire your work and it’s funny I was looking fir the Crioc braid last night..just trying to decide how many wires to use,, I look forward to your site and blog.

    • Hi Nan:
      I do appreciate your comments. Your my first visitor to make any reasonable remarks.
      I wish I were more active on this site, so maybe talking with you will help that problem.
      Right now I’m working on earrings, helpfully for a new book but there will be soldering involved.
      Earrings and Rings are the best sellers.
      Please don’t be a stranger and let me know how your doing.

  2. Bernice Topas-Modjeska :

    Hello Linda,
    I have your Textile weave tutorial and enjoy making the basket weave and now I am ready to attempt the wider bracelets but I’m not sure how many base wires including the frame such as a 10 warp design. Am I to assume that I cut 7 pieces of base wire plus 2 frame wires? In all, are total base wires 1 less than the warp wires?

    • Hi Bernice,
      I have to laugh at your request, it’s been over 10 years since I wrote that tutorial.
      At that time I had several formulas I used to calculate the number of wires needed.
      I used calipers to measure the width of several wires and graph paper to figure out
      how many wires I needed. All that paper work is long gone now.
      What I can tell you is that once I figured out the correct amount of wires needed
      for a particular designs, I made notes and drew pictures to help with the next time.
      Sorry I couldn’t be more help.

      • Bernice Topas-Modjeska :

        Hello Linda,
        Thank you for responding. I have finally figured it out- it certainly was a ridiculous question! Now I’m doing your beautiful weaving pieces from your book- I do love your work. Bernice

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