Basket Weave Bracelet Tutorial

“What everybody has been waiting for”
This project requires an intermediate level of wire-wrapping knowledge
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basket weave tutorial

readers of the book Woven Wire Jewelry, by Linda Chandler and Christine Ritchney, have requested instructions for the Textile, or Basket Weave bracelet. This was featured in the Photo Gallery, but not explained. By popular request, here are the instructions for the bracelet, plus several variations and instructions on how to create your own original designs.
These instructions have been tested by several of Linda’s students. The Textile Weave bracelet tutorial is 39 pages long and richly illustrated with more than 120 color photographs and complete step-by-step instructions.
I use 20 gauge square gold-filled wire for the base. I use 21 gauge gold-filled and sterling silver half round for
the design on top. This is a basic design and I show how I make other designs with graft paper. Of course
you can use anything you want for practice. It took me a good long while before I was satisfied.
Hopefully I’m showing you how I wrap tight even wrap wires.
I hope this helps.

The tutorial is available for download to all our customers.